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Samsung again says the Galaxy Fold launch date will be confirmed soon

Samsung wasn’t able to meet the initial Galaxy Fold launch date of April 26 because of issues with review units. The issues forced Samsung to delay the launch and make some tweaks to iron out the problems. The communication about a new launch date has left a lot to be desired. Recent reports out of South Korea suggest that Samsung will confirm the date at a press briefing later this month. The Galaxy Fold isn’t expected to hit the market before July even if a date is confirmed in June. Please hold for the Galaxy Fold launch date Fans got excited when Samsung mobile...

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25 things Apple announced for iOS 13 that we want on Android

Every year, just like Google conducts its I/O press conference to introduce developers to the new Android version and announce all the upcoming features and APIs it will bring, Apple does the same. Its WWDC event took place this past Monday and, as any mobile enthusiast, we tuned in to see what the company has in store for its operating systems. While the dominating rhetoric over many years has been Apple’s uncanny ability to announce an Android feature that has existed for years as innovative and ground-breaking, things have changed recently. 2019 was one of the most interesting thanks...

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What Is .DAT File & How To Open It

A file with .dat extension is a generic data file which stores information of installed apps. They can also be found among configuration files. These files are usually used by several apps as references to specific operations in their separate program. The data on the file is often binary and can’t be deciphered. These files are stored in app’s data folders, these are generally seen if a video file is stored in this manner, or you have a corrupted attachment in an email. Have you ever thought about how could you access these files with blank icons? .Dat files...

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What Can Happen To Social Media If Facebook’s Business Is Split?

In a recent interview, Chris Hughes, co-founder and one of the members of “The Facebook” said that it’s time that Facebook’s business ventures are segmented and broken up into multiple fragmented corporations. Hughes statement has come after a series of scandals and events of the data breach and user information leaks that happened at Facebook. After losing billions in market shares and the same amounts in government fines and court proceedings, Chris might have suggested something that may change the shape of the entire social media and digital marketing industry. Though Chris has his own valid reasons that prove...

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