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What Is .DAT File & How To Open It

What Is .DAT File & How To Open It

A file with .dat extension is a generic data file which stores information of installed apps. They can also be found among configuration files. These files are usually used by several apps as references to specific operations in their separate program. The data on the file is often binary and can’t be deciphered. These files are stored in app’s data folders, these are generally seen if a video file is stored in this manner, or you have a corrupted attachment in an email. Have you ever thought about how could you access these files with blank icons?

.Dat files can be anything from email files, media files or other file types, which are not defined by Windows or software for one reason or another.

If you are facing issues with any kind of files and don’t know how to deal with it, then get Systweak’s Advanced File Optimizer. It will help you detect the files which doesn’t have correct association and suggests you the appropriate apps to download.

In this post, we will discuss what.DAT file contains & how to open.DAT files in Windows 10

How to Open DAT Files in Windows 10?

When we open.DAT file, it uses Notepad or Notepad++ to get opened and displays internal file information. The main sign of what a .DAT file can do and which software it is attached to is usually found in its name or name of its directory.

When you open a.DAT file in Notepad, it usually looks like this.

This will not reveal anything and therefore you can’t do anything with the data. Also, it is recommended to not change anything as it might be connected to the software somehow and therefore, could risk messing it. If if you get this kind of file, then you should better close it.

Sometimes, you might come across a blocked.DAT file and you can’t access that file in a text editor. The reason behind it could be, it being a system file and protected by Windows OS.

If you ever become suspicious of a .DAT file, what is that file’s purpose, then you need to run a scan on that file using an effective antivirus app. As they are generic, they often hide and can’t be opened easily, making it a perfect place for malware to hide. One of the best antivirus software for Windows is Advanced System Recovery. It can easily scan and detect malware, spyware, viruses and other infectious files on your computer.

However, some of the.DAT files are readable and have clear info. In them. So, there are times when you can get useful information on these kinds of files.

Again, it is recommended not to make any changes on the file, until you are familiar with the changes you are making.

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